Don’t vacuum cat hair, turn it into a necklace

Cat-hair necklace, $220.

Move over alpaca scarves and sheepskin sock… here comes cat hair jewelry!

In the most impressive recycling feat we’ve seen since the dryer lint Last Supper, a San Francisco artist is turning her cat’s fur into a jewelry line. Flora Davis is selling a (surprisingly beautiful) line of necklaces on Etsy – all made of a cat-hair “felt” she created by rolling the fur between her hands.  As she tells Wired:

“Ordinarily I would have thrown the hair into the compost, but it felt so soft in my hands, I couldn’t bring myself to throw it away.”

Collecting enough fur from Gaia, a flame-point Ragamuffin in case you were wondering, can take two to three months per piece. The crafty cat lady gets $95 to $280 for a single piece, which got us wondering how our readers could make some change from their floor scuzz. No pets other than dust bunnies? You’re in luck.


Gaia, Flora Davis's cat
Gaia the cash cat.


[Via Wired]


  1. Tim Donnelly

    i was just thinking to myself the other day: you know what I really need more of on my clothes? Cat hair. Particularly close to my face and allergen sensors too, if possible.

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