This Indiegogo campaign wants to house a Muslim family rent-free in Trump Tower

Trump Tower Muslim Refugee Fundraiser
If you can’t beat ’em, fill their safe space with the thing they fear the most: human beings looking to live a decent life. Photo via Indiegogo

Simultaneously affect change and promote affordable housing by donating to this Indiegogo effort to raise a year’s rent and put up a recent refugee from one of the countries impacted by Trump’s Muslim travel ban in Trump Tower itself. Your hard-earned cash can at last achieve what our tax dollars never have: diversifying Midtown’s Tower of Terror and tainting the Donald’s quality of life. This might even scare him out of his New York ivory tower to his White House in DC.

Started by good samaritan Jonah Bliss, the campaign aims to shelter a couple or young family from Libya, Sudan, Yemen, Somalia, Syria, Iraq, or Iran in “our President’s egotistical monument to himself” as a statement that “Muslim refugees deserve the right to live in America as much as anyone else,” while simultaneously “using his own gold festooned tower against him.”

The lowest starting rent at Trump Tower is $4,950 a month, according to the campaign, or roughly $60,000 a year — the campaign’s goal. So far, only $300 of that has been raised, but there’s still almost a month left in the campaign.

In case of fundraising failure or wild success, the deficient or extra funds will be, “disbursed to charities and nonprofits that work to assist Muslim migrants in America.”

Lastly, as for building amenities:

So glad you asked! If there’s anyone that should be treated to a 24-hour concierge, doormen, a fitness facility, onsite landscaped atriums, and views of Central Park, it’s someone fleeing a war zone of America’s making. Let the Wall Street pricks and nouveau riche live in Westchester!

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