Lena Dunham trivia, plus 13 more free things to do this week

Study up
Study up

1. Celebrate MLK Day by being a decent human being and volunteering. (Monday)

2. Sneakily learn about human evolution with the help of some cocktails and paleontologists with the Secret Science Club at The Bell House. (Tuesday)

3. Win some uh, helpful equipment, at Sex Toy Bingo at Trash Bar. (Tuesday)

4. Hear some delicious dollar tacos and eat hilarious comics at Get to the Point Comedy at Redstar. (Tuesday)

5. If you’re worried about GMOs, or just want to learn more about them, check out this GMO-Labeling Campaign Kickoff Meeting. (Wednesday)

6. Hear writers present original satire at Animal Farm at Over the Eight. (Wednesday)

7. This city can always use more people who take coffee way to seriously, so check out the launch for Coffee Nerd, a guide to being the perfect coffee snob. (Thursday)

8. Try not to be the person who interrupts everyone to learn card tricks at the book launch for The Magician’s Lie, about a female magician in the 19th century. (Thursday)

9. If you’re Not That Kind of Girl, show off your Lena Dunham smarts at trivia at The Diamond. (Thursday)

10. Learn how to be a fancy entertainer and try some free samples at the Fulton Mall Macy’s. (Thursday)

11. Hang out with the stars of Astronomy on Tap and talk about Cosmos over themed drinks from Videology. (Thursday)

12. Daily Show correspondent Aasif Mandvi will be at BookCourt to discuss his new book No Man’s Land. (Friday)

13. The Lethal Lottery is a comedy showdown with randomly paired teams at Over the Eight. (Friday)

14. Join the Bad Movie Club to hear some comics analyze and wildly improve A Talking Cat, a film about a talking cat. (Friday)

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