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Hey, you know the old saying, “When it rains pizza news, it pours pizza news”? That phrase is as true as a trusty compass, because hot on the heels of Pizza Moto’s move into Red Hook and Artichoke’s planned expansion into Park Slope, comes the news from Eater that beloved Greenwich Village slice spot Joe’s Pizza is opening a new location in Williamsburg

Can you believe it? News of a store opening in Williamsburg and it isn’t an Apple Store or a Mega Starbucks or a shop that you thought was independent but is actually just a Gap in disguise. Eater, whose whole reason for existence is to tell you about food you should be stuffing in your gullet, previously called the other two locations of Joe’s Pizza places worth traveling to if you want a great example of a New York slice, and the family-owned pizza place has been open since 1975 so we figure Eater is correct about it being a good spot.

Joe’s Williamsburg location will be taking the place of the old dive bar The Plank on the corner of Bedford Avenue and North 5th Street, and while we’re still never happy to see a bar that has cheap drinks and a cool literary salon leave, it’s much better that it gets replaced by a New York City institution than by a Domino’s or some bullshit. The only thing we’re wondering is if Joe’s slices will be good enough to pull us away from nearby Best Pizza, whose white slice is so good that it haunts your dreams after a couple weeks if you haven’t gone back for another. Maybe we can just get a slice from each place when we’re in the neighborhood. We’ll find out soon enough, since Joe’s is supposed to open in the middle of the month and it’s already June 9.

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