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Moto-rin’: Smorgasburg favorite Pizza Moto opening a Red Hook location this fall

pizza moto
Soon to have a home of its own. via Facebook

Have you been to Berg’n lately and noticed that Pizza Moto used to be there but now it isn’t there? Don’t worry, they weren’t Raptured. Or maybe in a sense, they were, because the mobile pizza favorite of Smorgasburg and then Berg’n has found themselves a brick-and-mortar location in Red Hook that’s opening in September, according to DNA Info. Right, that’s what pizza heaven is, a place you can plant your pizza flag?

Pizza Moto’s physical location will be at 338 Fort Hamilton Avenue, and will be serving up pizza that’s “seasonal and experimental” according to what co-owner Anna Viertel told DNA Info. And since the only thing better than pizza is booze and pizza, the pizza place also has a full liquor license for both beer and cocktails to go along with your food.

What could rip Pizza Moto away from their life on the road and in a tiny stall in Berg’n? Aside from having a place to serve their own drinks, the owners found and restored a coal-fired oven from the early 1900s, that they retrofitted to cook with wood. Seems like a pretty good reason to settle down somewhere. With this and the Artichoke Pizza outpost coming to Park Slope, we could almost stop to wonder if there’s such a thing as too much pizza news, but on second thought, that’s a very silly idea.

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