Learn the history of VJs and 12 other free ways to spend the week

Life wasn't always a party for original VJ Martha Qunn. Oh no wait, yes it was.
Life wasn’t always a party for original VJ Martha Qunn. Oh wait, yes it was.

1. Get civic at the Brooklyn mayoral candidates forum. An unsubstantiated rumor that started right here claims the boys from Vampire Weekend will be there to support Bill de Blasio (Monday)

2. Launchpad is welcoming all you knitters and makers and DIYers to come by, hang out and make some crafts. Beats doing it while hanging out with your cats. Or does it…? (Monday)

3. Franklin Park becomes a literal metaphorical orgy of hot literary talent as Ben Greenman launches his new novel with help from Sam Lipsyte, Toure, Claire Vaye Watkins and Amelia Gray (Monday)

4. The Living Gallery is screening Manhattan, and as with any free showing of it, it shouldn’t be missed (Monday)

5. Learn what life was like for the first wave of MTV VJs. Spoiler alert: it was not like your life (Tuesday)

6. The Society for the Advancement of Social Studies presents a lesson on historical figures who shrugged their shoulders and said “Fuck it,” which will maybe hew closer to your life than the VJ book (Tuesday)

7. Launchpad wants you to come by and see what they’re all about, and to sweeten the deal, they’ve got ice cream sundaes at “reasonable prices.” Well, we think “free” is reasonable, so we might be at an impasse (Tuesday)

8. Wednesdays: just the worst. So why not get over the hump with a free blues party? (Wednesday)

9. Bring something to Freddy’s to do a show and tell presentation on, but make sure your outfit in coordinated: the night is hosted by Uni Watch’s Paul Lukas (Wednesday)

10. Eric Sliver, of Brokelandia fame, hosts the second edition of “Dear God, That’s Stone Cold’s Music,” which we still wish was wrestling-based comedy, instead of regular standup (Wednesday)

11. Learn to make your own soda at Powerhouse Arena, because you just know PepsiCo doesn’t want you to go, and are you gonna listen to¬†those assholes? (Thursday)

12. The Greenpoint Writers Group is showing off their skillz in the basement at WORD. Also being shown off? Free wine! (Friday)

13. Amy Sohn, our old passive-aggressive crush, is reading at the Park Slope Food Coop, because that’s just like her to do that (Friday)

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