A new comedy show from half of the mind behind ‘Brokelandia’

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See Eric in his natural environment: desperately hoping people laugh at his jokes in a bar

There’s no shortage of free comedy nights in Brooklyn, but before you start paying a bar money for drinks, it’s good to know the performers are gonna actually be funny. One person we know is funny is Eric Silver, and we know because he’s one of the minds behind Brokelandia. And now he’s one of the minds behind a new comedy night in Williamsburg.

Dear God, That’s Stone Cold’s Music“goes down tonight and next Wednesday at 8pm at The Flat (308 Hooper Street, Williamsburg). Sadly, it’s not not a wrestling-themed standup show. Instead, it’s a mostly normal standup show with 5 comedians doing their comedian thing, and tonight includes the other half of the Brokelandia brain trust, Sue Smith. But, the twist is that in between their sets, Eric and his co-host will pull names out of a bucket to see who gets to perform a 5 minute open mic set. There are four chances to get called, so make sure you bring your A-game (or at least you B+ game) if you put your name in a the bucket. Because bad comedians get a powerbomb through a table, Dudley Boys style.

Dear God, That’s Stone Cold’s Music, The Flat, 308 Hooper Street, Williamsburg, 8pm, FREE

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