Laugh yourself to sleep, and 15 other things to do this weekend

They're ready to haunt your dreams. via Comedy Dreamz
Aren’t you excited to dream about this? via Comedy Dreamz

1. The Juicy art and music festival probably won’t feature velour tracksuits or a Biggie hologram reading Word Up! magazine, but we’re still down. (Friday-Sunday)

2. Sometimes is a summer crafts pop-up and sometimes is this weekend.  (Friday-Sunday)

3. Shake things up by not actively avoiding eye contact with the performers in your subway car at this Transit Museum theater performance. (Friday)

4. This health expo features pony rides, rock climbing, and Zumba. No word yet if the Zumba will be led by a mountaineering pony. (Saturday)

5. Protect that big smart brain of yours with a free helmet from this giveaway. (Saturday)

6. Red Hook Fest is celebrating turning 21 the way we did–with music, dancing, free kayak rides, and more good clean fun. (Saturday)

7. Spoke the Hub’s Local Produce Mini-Festival brings you locally grown music, dance, and theater. (Saturday)

8. If you’ve been having hard luck in Brooklyn, maybe it’s time to finally go back to Ohio–and Oklahoma, and Omaha–at Union Hall’s Hard Luck Americana Roots Party. (Saturday)

9. If you never got a chance to see Glee Live don’t worry, the Brooklyn Youth Chorus’ annual concert is probably just as good. (Saturday)

10. Come pout and harumph at Mars-themed art at Grumpy Bert’s Life on Mars Opening Reception. (Saturday)

11. Silent Barn’s Comedy Dreamz brings you stand-up, music, plays, and dancing that will make you laugh til you fall asleep. (Saturday)

12. Rooftop Films brings you short films about life’s tricky situations with Trapped in the Machine. (Saturday)

13. Get out your tweed and watch out for snakes and giant boulders because Videology’s having a Raiders of the Lost Ark trivia night. (Saturday)

14. The PS 132 Kite Festival feature live entertainment from their kindergarten theater troup and Milo and the J’s, a 5th and 6th grade rock band. We’re not sure what the kindergarteners are putting on yet, but we have a feeling it’ll be some pretty avant-garde stuff. (Sunday)

15. Hang out with Mr. Met at Floyd Bennet Field for a screening of the Mets vs. Giants game. There are beer specials that you certainly won’t find at Citi Field, so cherish this moment. (Sunday)

16. Wharfer brings you a backyard folk concert at Troost. (Sunday)

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