Land of the free, home of the broke: Your guide to a stellar Brooklyn Fourth of July

Take that, Macy’s! Photo by Flickr’s Matt Andrews Photo.

Summer is the best, which makes Fourth of July the actual best holiday of the year: no presents to buy, no families to feed, no silly rabbit-based rituals to honor; there’s not even any way for Hallmark to capitalize on it. It’s just good ol’ kicking back and basking in the friggin’ freedom you probably don’t appreciate the rest of the year. And despite Brooklyn’s role in the Revolutionary War, we’ve been shafted on fireworks over the past few years. But don’t let that stop you from rocking the crap out of your day off tomorrow in honor of all your forebearers who fought for your right to open gourmet mayonnaise stores. Here’s a rundown of where to view fireworks and other tips to have the best Fourth ever this year: 


Watching fireworks is teh suck in Brooklyn ever since Macy’s moved the big show to the Hudson a few years ago, and now jerks in New Jersey get a better view than most of the five boroughs. The Daily News lists two parks that are best for viewingLouis Valentino, Jr. Park and Pier in Red Hook and the East River Park in Williamsburg.

McBrooklyn agrees that East River Park is probably best, but lists a bunch of other options for viewing, including spots around the Brooklyn Bridge, if you don’t happen to have a friend with a super-tall roof.

For whatever reason that probably involves developers and terribleness, Coney Island doesn’t do its own official fireworks show for the Fourth. But the Cyclones baseball team does regular displays after some of their home games, and one of those games happens to be on the Fourth this year. Fireworks will be shot off on the beach after the game, usually around 10pm (depending on how long the game is), and you can watch them from the boardwalk. The stadium offering an All-You-Can-Eat BBQ Buffet and a ticket to the game for $18.


Coney Island’s paean to American gluttony celebrates its 30th anniversary. Ladies start at 11:30, men at noon.

If Nathan’s feels too corporate, Crif Dogs is holding its own contest at Roberta’s featuring the Nathan’s-shunned legend Kobayashi and other guests. 11am-3pm.


If you’re looking to grill but don’t own one, check the list of free public grills in Brooklyn parks.

Check our price smackdown on which Brooklyn store has the cheapest BBQ chow.


Bushwick Daily has a sweet roundup of off-the-beaten-path events going on in the nabe. It includes:
-a rooftop cookout with bands and fireworks at The Roof at 1085 Willoughby Ave.

-A tropical-themed backyard party with mini pool, a grilling contest and live music at 385 Troutman St.

-A summer jamz music showcase at DIY venue Shea Stadium.


$2 off American-made wines at Brooklyn Winery from 5pm-midnight.

Choose your side in the great AmeriCan debate: Budweiser or Miller High Life?

the skint has a great roundup of other events going on around the city, including BBQs, dance parties, concerts and more.

What else is going on? Where do you watch the fireworks? Tell us below, because it’s your ‘merican duty.

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