Watch: What ‘La La Land’ would be like if it were set in New York City

I haven’t seen La La Land yet but from what I understand it’s a movie about how great Hollywood and L.A. are targeted to people who want to be like “wow look how great Hollywood and L.A. are.” This seems to be a good way to get nominated for awards, the equivalent if you wrote a book being like “ah the life of a writer in Brooklyn” that was then lauded by the entire Brooklyn literati class (wait, this is definitely most books already). But hey, L.A. ain’t so bad, and we can argue for days if the trade off of beaches, burritos and idyllic weather is worth sitting in endless traffic every moment of your life.

Comedian Tyler Fischer, whom we dubbed the Nathan for You of Brooklyn last year, today released a parody video the critical-darling movie, transplanting it from sunny L.A. to grimy Williamsburg. It’s a spoof of the first meeting of Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, except interrupted by the daily noise and realities of New York City life.

It features a guest appearance by noted subway fake book reader Scott Rogowsky. Fischer and costar Julienne Jones make a pretty convincing Gosling/Emma Stone too. It seems the a New York version of the movie is doomed to face a grim reality: all the musical meet cutes in the world can’t compete with the thought of having to travel to Queens.

We’ll take this video over SNL‘s weak-tea attempt at La La Land humor last weekend any day.

The magic of a meet cute is no match for the subway. Via screenshot.
The magic of a meet cute is no match for the subway. Via screenshot.

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