Watch: Comedian Scott Rogowsky clowns on Trump with more fake book covers on the subway

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Fake books > fake news. Via screenshot.

We are coping with the upcoming Trump administration by using an alternating mix of activist rage and absurdist comedy, because if we can’t spend an entire news cycle making pee-pee jokes about the president-elect on Twitter, are we even really Americans any more?

Comedian Scott Rogowsky today brought back his hilarious Taking Fake Book Covers on the Subway series (which we last wrote about in April) for a special Trump-shaming edition. This version features book titles like Wet Dreams From My Father by Ivanka Trump and Horton Smears a Jew by Steve Bannon. And it takes place on the L train too. Give it a watch and feel good having a laugh instead of being full of rage for a few minutes: All proceeds from the video will go to the ACLU and Planned Parenthood.

Catch Scott’s first Running Late Show of 2017 on Jan. 22 at Union Hall.

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  1. Some white transplant from the midwest who pushed a poor minority of their apartment is pissed at Trump.
    Talk about hypocrisy.

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