Know sports? Win a one-year tryout with WFAN

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Can you stay awake through a whole show? Good first step

Think you have a lot of opinions about sports? Have so many that you bore your friends to tears while you talk about them all the time? Well, first get new friends, how do all your friends hate sports? Next, show up at the Columbus Avenue Modell’s on July 25 and get in line to audition for your own sports yak show on WFAN for a year.

WFAN’s Fantasy Phenom 4 is a search for the kind of loudmouth know-it-all who has the skills to talk sports and berate stupid callers, preferably with a clipped New York accent. Seriously, one of the contest sections is doing a 2 minute rant on the sports subject of your choice. Before that though, you’ll have to prove your sports knowledge and also provide answers on “sports lifestyle related questions,” so make sure you bone up on what it’s like to go to a Mets game in 2013. Answer: it is cheap and hilarious.

If you win, you get a show on WFAN one day a week, which comes with a $13,624 salary. Just for screaming into a microphone for a couple of hours per week! Want in? Get yourself to the Modell’s at 795 Columbus Avenue in Manhattan at noon on July 25, wear some comfortable shoes in case you have to wait, and get ready to talk fast, loud and clearly about why people suggesting Ike Davis for Joba Chamberlain trades are the dumbest goddamn people on the planet Earth.

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