And now you can get $9 Mets tickets

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Although it’s still barely worth it unless Matt Harvey is pitching

What do you get when you combine a team with low expectations from the start with a 17-24 record and two six game losing streaks? A whole lot of empty seats, if you’re the Mets. Which is a problem normally, and even more of a problem if you’re the money-hemorrhaging Wilpons. But, hey, don’t worry about that, worry instead about grabbing this Groupon for $9 Mets tickets. That’s cheaper than minor league tickets!

Amazingly enough, not only are the tickets criminally cheap, not only are they agains the savagely hated Atlanta Braves but they’re also on fireworks night. So you get to see a professional baseball team play against a AAAA-level team AND you get fireworks. Plus you’ll probably be able to move around a little to better cheap seats, because who the hell wants to watch the depressing spectacle of the Mets on a Friday night? Well, OK, I do, but I’m working through those issues with a therapist. Move fast on this though, because the game is on Friday.

There also a couple of other deals you can get through the Groupon, like tickets against the hated Yankees, the only team in the division worse than the Mets, the Miami Marlins, and the team with the smuggest fans in all of baseball, the St. Louis Cardinals. But none of those games get down to $9 ticket prices.

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