Kickstarter’s having a block party in Greenpoint, and we’re all invited

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The PitchBlak Brass Band funded their album on Kickstarter, and they’re saying thanks by playing the Kickstarter Block Party for free. via Facebook

Kickstarter’s throwing a block party Saturday May 3 and we’re all invited! Huzzah!

The festivities, which are both a party a showcase (all vendors from art to food are successfully funded Kickstarter projects) will take place outside the company’s Greenpoint headquarters (58 Kent Street) from noon  until 6pm rain or shine. So hopefully it’s real spring and not this pusedo-spring Mother Nature’s been sporting.

There a few RSVP-only events that are sadly full, including two musical performances from yMusic, painting cookies with Sogi’s Honey Bakeshop and a tour of the Kickstarter headquarters. But, there’s still a plethora of games, activities and art shows to enjoy for free. You can play a video game joust for the Playstation 3, catch a performance by the PitchBlak Brass Band and see the magic reality of the liquor-hiding Booze Book project.

You can explore also explore virtual clouds with the Oculus Rift (yes, that Oculus Rift), stuff your gullet with help from Mamu Thai Noodle, and Brooklyn Soda Works with their bubbly sodas in flavors like concord grape and fennel to name a few options.

Or if you’re arty, you can get your art fix before the granddaddy of all art events in the borough, Bushwick Open Studios, by perusing a gallery filled with the creations of artists backed by with donations by people like you and me. At its heart, the block party is an opportunity to interact with many of the products you’ve only seen in well produced crowdfunding videos and experience what your pledges have wrought into this world. But in a good way and not in a Rosemary’s Baby kind of way.

Kickstarter Block Party, Saturday, May 3, 2014, 12pm-6pm, 58 Kent Street, Greenpoint FREE

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