Kickstart this movie on Brooklyn beer-brewing history

Before Brooklyn Brewery, Rehingold ruled BK's beer world. via The Bowery Boys
Before Brooklyn Brewery, Rehingold ruled BK’s beer world. via The Bowery Boys

Before it had a great brewing scene, Brooklyn had an even bigger one back in the days of our grandparents. But then some geniuses decided banning alcohol would be a good idea and the scene started to dry up and die. But now some enterprising filmakers are telling the story of how we went from Miss Rheingold pageants to nothing to Brooklyn Brewery setting up shop in Sweden.

Brewed in Brooklyn¬†examines Brooklyn’s brewing history from all the way back to the 1800s by digging up archival information and doing interviews with people who are still alive from the previous heyday of Brooklyn brewing. They also talked to the folks behind Brooklyn Brewery, the Coney Island Brewing Company and some¬†homebrewers who make Brooklyn their home.

John Weber, Kim Bjorhein and Bennet Aube are looking to raise $20,000 to help pay for editing, getting the movie an original score and insurance costs. But this isn’t some half-baked thing in the idea stage. The movie has been shot, it just needs an extra push over the hump. Rewards include things like getting thanked in the credits, glasses and a tour of a New York brewery for you and a friend. Pick one from Brooklyn, obviously.

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