Kick ass and chew gum and 11 other free things to do this week

We're here to kick ass and chew bubblegum. And we can't afford bubblegum.
We’re here to kick ass and chew bubblegum. And we can’t afford bubblegum.

1. Check out the release for Louder Than Hell, an oral history of heavy metal. We hear if you read it backwards, it tells you to kill your parents (Monday)

2. We virulently disagree with Bad Movie Brooklyn that They Live is a bad movie, but hey, a free showing of They Live is a free showing of They Live (Monday)

3. Branded invites you to drag an item out of your family’s archive and talk about it and the people who owned it. So try not to grab something too embarrassing (Tuesday)

4. There’s a ton of weird stuff on the internet (duh), and no one knows that better than people who work at ANIMAL, Vice and Buzzfeed, which is why they’re sharing their knowledge about it at Public Assembly’s IRL CLub (Tuesday)

5. The David Foster Wallace Appreciation Society is meeting at WORD again to discuss a book of his essays, have conversations that contain an awful lot of footnotes (Wednesday)

6. Richard Hell visits BookCourt to talk about his new book and share delightful stories of squalor and drug addiction on the Lower East Side. Bring the kids! (Wednesday)

7. Peekskill Brewery just won the Governor’s Cup at TAP NY, and now they’re coming down here to take over Owl Farm and party (Thursday)

8. Head to Powerhouse for a discussion about maps of the mysterious land known as “Manhattan” and then make one of your own (Thursday)

9. BYOB, a free screening of the Japanese New Wave classic Branded to Kill, what more does a boy need? Or a girl, for that matter? (Thursday)

10. Get your dancing shoes on and head to Brooklyn Bridge Park for a free Afro-Cuban dance party. Regular shoes are OK too, we suppose (Thursday)

11. [email protected]’s film section kicks off with Brothers Hypnotic, a documentary about NYC’s sweet-as-hell Hypnotic Brass Ensemble (Friday)

12. Party Like It’s 1999 pays tribute to the modern uh, classic, Saved By the Bell, which had its series finale 20 years ago this week (Friday)

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