Here come the free summer events: BK Bridge Park dance parties return

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Big Sam’s Funky Nation will show you how they do it in New Orleans

Despite how it feels out there right now, anyone who’s lived in the Northeast for awhile will tell you that this 70 degree weather thing is just a preview of what’s to come. My proof, outside of living here my whole life? Take a look at the weather forecast for this weekend. No, the real jump off for summer starts in May, when the wind dies down and we’re past all that April showers bullshit. And Celebrate Brooklyn knows that too, which is why they’re launching their summer dance parties at Brooklyn Bridge Park next month.

If there’s a better way to kick off the season than dancing on the East River at night with a huge crowd of people, we don’t want to know about it. The parties also serve the purpose of starting the weekend a day early, seeing as they’re held on Thursdays at 7pm. You were gonna be hungover at work anyway, may as well be because of this. The party starts on May 9 with the music of New Orleans funk mothers Big Sam’s Funk Nation, joined by New York DJ trio The Freedom Party NYC. The next week welcomes Afro-Cuban party starters the Pedrito Martinez Group and DJ Nickodemus, and then May wraps up with old school funk legends Zapp and DJ D-Nice.

Can’t dance? Yeah, either can we, but you just gotta let the beat move you. If you don’t want to take that kind of chance, each dance party will have a free dance lesson before the music starts, so if you’re a fast learner, it’s a good opportunity to show off that skill. BRIC, who put all this together, also got food trucks Morris Grilled Cheese Truck, Mexico Boulevard, Dub Pies, Kimchi Tacos and Nuchas to hang out, so there’s no danger to shaking your tailfeather to complete exhaustion.

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  1. These parties are gonna the sh*t! DJ’s like D-Nice & Nickodemus are who made me want to become a DJ in the first place. I learned to DJ at Scratch DJ Academy in LES…you can too.

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