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Keep summer alive with this Coney Island rides deal

The Cyclone is your friend
The Cyclone is your friend

Have you ridden the Cyclone yet this summer? WHAT? How could you have missed that? It’s already August, and we understand that fines are given out to people who claim to be from New York but have never ridden the Cyclone. Well, fortunately for you, there’s a new Living Social deal out there that will get a free ride on it and four hours of unlimited rides on all the other rides at Luna Park.

For just $24, you can spend a day at Coney Island riding rides until you feel your stomach doing strange things and you embarrassingly throw up in front of everyone you go with. Except it won’t be that embarrassing really because you’ll feel better afterwards. You also get a $10 voucher to eat at new boardwalk Mexican restaurant Place to Beach. And if you really make a day of it and need to eat a second meal, we recommend getting two corn dogs and two orders of bacon cheese fries from Nathan’s and seeing the fun that happens to your insides afterwards.


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