Katz’s Deli opening sliced meats outpost in Downtown Brooklyn

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Finally, somewhere to get pastrami around here. via Flickr user Tyler Karaszewski

Earlier this year, a rumor was launched into the world that Lower East Side staple Katz’s Deli would be expanding into Brooklyn, specifically into the City Point project in Downtown Brooklyn. Now the New York Times has confirmed the rumor that Katz’s will be moving in to the DeKalb Market, proving that there’s more to get excited about beyond the Alamo Drafthouse and affordable housing.

Owner Jake Dell pitched the outpost specifically as a way to avoid the LES, telling the Times, “The main thing is that it’s hard to get down to the Lower East Side, and Brooklyn has been a strong part of our customer base,” so it’s nice of him to make it less of a schlep to get some really good pastrami. There’s still no official opening date for the DeKalb Market opening, and therefore the Katz’s outpost beyond 2016, so if you’ve ever wanted to get Katz’s without going to the Lower East Side make sure you live until then. Of course, if you simply must have some pastrami from Brooklyn, we can’t recommend David’s Brisket House strongly enough, whose pastrami sandwich is probably the closest you’ll ever come to heaven (because heaven isn’t real).

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