Join the Bubu Gang and 15 other ways to celebrate the weekend

Janka Nabay and the Bubu Gang: good gang to be in. Photo by Carly Rabalais, via Facebook
Janka Nabay and the Bubu Gang: good gang to be in. Photo by Carly Rabalais, via Facebook

1. The Gowanus Nite Market moves to an alley Downtown and invited Heems and The Toothaches to celebrate the move (Friday)

2. Check out every issue Showpaper has put out over the last six years (Friday)

3. Guns ‘n’ Hoses is an all-female Guns ‘n’ Roses cover band playing at The Rock Shop, and Lord knows they have to better than the genuine article at this point (Friday)

4. BristketTown got their liquor license, so celebrate by drinking there. Yep, it all checks out (Friday)

5. Talib Kweli, Ali Shaeed Muhammad and Marly Marl all DJing in the same place? Hell yeah we’re interested (Friday)

6. A whole weekend-long tattoo convention that will allow you to meet artists, show off your ink and be shamed by people with much better tattoos. Get there (Friday – Sunday)

7. The Transit Museum is digging up a 30s era subway car for a nostalgia ride to Coney Island. What’s weird about is when you get on it, you see everything in black and white (Saturday)

8. Eat a whole pig in Greenpoint, because that’s how they do it in North Carolina apparently (Saturday)

9. Pulsewave lets the ladies of chiptune run things this weekend. Don’t be fresh or they’ll jump on your head like Mario (Saturday)

10. You’ve got competing Pride dance parties to choose from: either the queens of Hey Queen, at Littlefield (Saturday)

11. Or the uh…whatever a Badussy is at the Badussy pride party at Public Assembly (Saturday)

12. Janka Nabay at Celebrate Brooklyn! Wooooo! (Saturday)

13. The Flatbush Avenue BID is throwing a party, and everyone’s invited (Sunday)

14. Hey flappers and bootleggers, Flatbush Farm is having a Great Gatsby-inspired brunch. Bring your tragic romances and meticulously crafted false identities (Sunday)

15. The Secret Science Club has invited someone to explain how you’re similar to a fruit fly, other than your intense attraction to sugar (Sunday)

16. The Power of Love is a Huey Lewis and the News tribute band and they’ll be at Union Hall, in case you want more than just his upcoming Coney Island appearance (Sunday)

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