Join a conspiracy of beards and 10 other weekend ideas

Conspiracy of Beards: they might be clean-shaven, but they do look shifty. via Facebook
Conspiracy of Beards: they might be clean-shaven, but they do look shifty. via Facebook

1. Brooklyn Launchpad invites you to perform any kind of art you can think of, provided you can do it in 10 minutes or less (Friday)

2. Party starters Brooklyn Wildlife get out of the lofts and into Public Assembly for a wild night of partying, dancing and body paint. Woo! Body paint! (Friday)

3. Live From Outer Space is a comedy show at the Cobra Club, but we haven’t been to it so we can’t tell you if it’s actually beamed in from a secret comedy base on bars or something (Friday)

4. Satiate your bloodlust with 70s revenge flick Act of Vengeance. Contains the FDA suggested daily requirement of blood and assorted gore (Friday)

5. Get some Coney Island history at an exhibit on the art that covered the walls of the Playland Arcade in the 50s (Saturday)

6. A 30 person all-male choir that performs acappella covers of Leonard Cohen songs and it’s called Conspiracy of Beards? Sure, why not (Saturday)

7. Videology gets totally radical with a double feature of movies that tried to cash in on the skateboarding and BMX crazes of the 1980s (Saturday)

8. It’s the first Tiki Disco of the year! Hopefully you were good all year so that the Party Fairy brings you good vibes (Sunday)

9. Fort Reno invites you to come on down for some barbecue, some bluegrass and some $2 pints of Peak Organic. Oh, this will end well (Sunday)

10. Obsolete Cinema celebrates spring break with a double feature of their own, including Johnny Depp’s first starring role, Private Resort. We bet he wishes people forgot about that one (Sunday)

11. The Cargo Bike Collective invites you to see what the fuss about Cargo Bikes is all about, and to judge whether or not these will finally kill off the car once and for all (Sunday)

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