Job alert: BrickUnderground needs a real estate nut to edit the site

What kind of headline can you write about these fancy elevators? via Facebook

So maybe you saw our job listings last week and thought your sandwich skills weren’t quite at “wizard” level, and while you’ve got writing skills, they exist above “staff writer level.” Well aren’t you fancy. Take that self-regard over to BrickUnderground then, where they need a new senior editor to guide New Yorkers through this real estate market that even Hillary Clinton has trouble with.

When we say “real estate” nut in the headline, we mean it. This is a website devoted entirely to real estate, so they want to know that you’re always keeping up on news about it and essentially act like you’re always looking for a new apartment, even after you’ve just signed a lease. As the senior editor, you’ll be responsible for everything from editing and writing posts to being in charge of freelancers to writing the newsletter to going to real estate events and actually staying awake during them.

To apply, they don’t just want the usual resume/writing samples. They also want to know what real estate news you read and “three things that you as a NYC renter, buyer, seller or apartment dweller would like to be able to do, see, or read about online.” Like we said, they love real estate. As a reward for all of this work, you get a salary described as “competitive,” but you also get health and dental, a 401(k) and the opportunity to work from home when you need to. A 401(k) for writing on the internet? That’s the craziest damn thing we’ve heard of since the 401(k) for picking through vintage clothing.

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