Job alert: Get health, vision and dental insurance as a Buffalo Exchange buyer

buffalo exchange
Make the call on if the clothes are worth it. via Facebook

Are you the one your friends turn to when it comes to questions of what to wear if they’re worried an outfit looks stupid? You might think that’s not a skill you put on a resume, but think again, because thrift store empire Buffalo exchange needs more buyers at their locations in the city, and it sounds like your particular set of skill will fit the bill there. And before you dismiss this as another shitty retail job, check this out: you can get health, dental, vision and paid time off at this job.

So, what is it you need to do as a buyer exactly? According to the job listing, you need to be the kind of person who can pick out trends related to fabrics and styles from the past and from today. We hope you know how to do that, because we can’t even make an informed joke about fashion trends due to most of our staff dressing like we wanna be Ted Leo’s bass player.

That being said, if you think you have the instincts to be a good gatekeeper of what goes on the hangars at Buffalo Exchange, they’ll give you on-the-job training for the specifics, and once you know what you’re doing you’ll be working three days per week. Three is the magic number though, because at 20 hours per week, you can get all that sweet insurance, paid time off and even a dang 401(k). Can you imagine? Building up for retirement just by deciding whether or not you’re gonna buy someone’s 90s basketball jersey for your store? That’s the dream right there.

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