Jimmy Kimmel Live is coming to BK, and you can see it for free

Jimmy Kimmel, Brooklyn native, Nets fan and noted Roberta’s patron, is planning to schlep his weeknight talk show from LA to Brooklyn for a week at BAM later this month. And like a lot of studio audience shows, tickets are free, if you can get them. To get into the BAM shows from Oct. 29-Nov. 2, request tickets through this site and you must also “send Guillermo a personal email telling him WHY you should be a part of our studio audience in Brooklyn, NY,” a request that encourages you to be “creative, specific and enthusiastic.” [via FiPS]

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  1. Al Lansburg

    Dear Guillermo & Jimmy,
    By way of this poetic submission, I hope to
    fulfill the three qualifications you have specified
    to be a strong contender to receive tickets for your
    Brooklyn concert. Hopefully, my Halloween poem
    will illustrate my creativity and my genuine
    fondness for you and your hilarious program.
    My enthusiasm for the possibility of seeing
    you and your wonderful guests in person is
    beyond reproach. I never miss your show and
    would feel privileged to attend your concert in
    I specifically love watching your show when
    your guest is Don Rickles. Not only is he hilarious
    each time he appears, I specifically enjoy the
    conspicuous joy that radiates from you as you
    interact with your comedy hero and mentor. Your
    unfiltered responses to his comic genius is a
    viewing pleasure within itself. I love your genuine
    display of reverence and appreciation for this
    comedy legend. You are a true mensch, and I
    would feel very lucky and honored to be a part
    of your special night.

    Thank you for your consideration
    of my application, Al Lansburg
    A Halloween Tribute Poem for
    “Jimmy the Jokester”

    Hey, “Jimmy the Jokester”
    Are the villagers at your door
    With fiery torches in hand
    ‘Cause your monologues they adore

    They clamor for your witchy wit
    Your “biting” vampire verse
    The midnight moon shines upon you
    Just like the Wolfman’s curse

    Dracula says that your jokes don’t “suck”
    When you take your pen to hand
    You bring his blood to a boil
    Claims you’re the best comic in the land!

    You may miss your Mummy
    But the Mummy never misses your verse
    To miss one of your clever stand-ups
    Would be more tragic than “The Mummy’s Curse”

    Frankenstein says “Fire Bad!”
    But, “Jimmy’s comedy good!”
    You “piece together” great material
    Just like a Mad Scientist would!

    The Wolfman searches the internet woods
    Looking for tasty humor to bite
    But is never satisfied unless…
    It’s a funny story that you write!

    You even amuse the scariest ghosts
    With the stories that you create
    A flesh-eating Zombie once said:
    They’re better than the finest brain I ever ate!

    So go treat yourself to a great monologue
    “Jimmy the Jokester” has some tricks up his sleeve
    If you thought Halloween humor was impossible
    Look at what Jimmy Kimmel can conceive!

    Happy Halloween from Al Lansburg

    (818) 762-6703
    Valley Village, CA
    E-mail: [email protected]

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