Jimmy Kimmel goes to Bushwick, will root for the Nets and other bits from the BK-native

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Jimmy Kimmel is bringing his talk show to BAM in October to be the first non-Jay-Z, non-Streisand celebrity to be excited about the Nets coming to his home borough. The Brooklyn Paper’s Aaron Short interviewed the Mill Basin native, so make sure to read the whole thing, but here are our favorite nuggets from the former Man Show host and Sarah Silverman sleepover buddy.

1. He’s going to actually root for the team: “I have not always been a Nets fan, but the fact that they’re playing in Brooklyn makes me more inclined to root for them.”

2. Brooklyn is funny because it’s so crowded: “It’s interesting how many funny people are from Brooklyn. Maybe it’s because everyone is piled on top of each other, you have to distinguish yourself in some way. The funniest people I know are from Brooklyn.”

3. Brooklyn is friendlier than LA: “No one talks to each other in LA, whereas in Brooklyn, if you build a fence, everyone wants to know everything about it, and then you wind up with three similar fences. Everybody knew each other’s business in Brooklyn. It’s a double-edged sword, but ultimately I think it’s better. People watch each other’s kids. In LA, you can have neighbors for 20 years and never talk with them.”

4. Don’t try to make Brooklyn a Portland-like punchline. “No, Brooklyn is not a punch line, because if you use it as a punch line you will get punched by someone.”

5. He goes to Bushwick: “You know there’s a great place in Brooklyn called Roberta’s. I love that place. They set up their lot next door, a go-kart track, which is fantastic. The food is great there. I love the overall feel of the place.”

Read the whole interview at The Brooklyn Paper.

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