Jazzercise! And 14 other things to do this weekend

You don’t have to dress like this, but it helps.

1. Duke’s Liquor Box is holding a tasting of a 10-year-old rye whiskey from Masterson’s, and it’s not like we’ve ever known you to turn down a drink (Friday)

2. Head into Black History Month by going to a talk on the book The Invention of the White Race. In this instance, the answer isn’t “Yakub did it.” (Friday)

3. See Eli Smith and Peter Siegel perform the songs of the American labor movement at the Jalopy Theater, because the unions deserve your support more than the plutocrats (Friday)

4. A pop-punk and emo dance party at Glasslands is a perfect place to feel a bunch of feels and sweat them out with vigorous dancing (Friday)

5. Help correct the historical record by editing Wikipedia, for feminism, at the Wikipedia Edit-A-Thon at the Brooklyn Museum (Saturday)

6. Learn how to make a woven heart with Greenpoint Hand Skills at their DIY Valentines Workshop (Saturday)

7. Brooklyn Museum’s First Saturday this month has music curated by CaribBEING, a documentary on Black History Month and a camera phone workshop from an Instagram activist (Saturday)

8. Shed some of those winter drinking calories at Videology when they show Jazzercise, Suzzane Somers’ seminal exercise video (Saturday)

9. Hang with a bunch of cartoonists, and see one hundred different portraits of them, at Launchpad (Saturday)

10. Body Music is a dance party in Fort Greene that promises the buttshakingest music that side of the BQE, and we suppose there’s only one way to find out if that’s true (Saturday)

11. Get your FDA-approved weekend dose of glam rock and punk anthems at The Grand Victory’s Glamdammit dance party (Saturday)

12. Learn about the role that black-owned barbershops have played in the social history of black America at the Brooklyn Public Library. Sadly, the talk won’t be given by Paul Mooney (Sunday)

13. Or, you can put all that fancy book learning aside for a day, because it’s Super Bowl Sunday and it’s time to get drunk and gorge yourself at any one of these bar parties (Sunday)

14. See one man get way too deep into the world of polygamy when Spectacle Theater screens The Bigamist (Sunday)

15. It’s time once again for you to seize the Iron Throne of Game of Thrones trivia at Over the Eight. Just remember than when you play Game of Thrones trivia, you answer or your die. There is no middle ground (Sunday)

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