Ready to buy: Live in the apartment where Biggie grew up

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How’s your life right now? Things good? Living large? Feel like life is all a dream? Do you perhaps, pop champagne when you’re thirsty? Well then let us tempt you with this hypnotizing offer: you can live in the very same apartment where Biggie Smalls grew up. And it’ll cost you less than a million dollars! We mean, it’s pretty close to a million, but…you’re not even listening anymore, are you? Already thinking about the parties, right?

New York Magazine noticed that 226 St. James Place hit the market recently. And it’s probably not in the shape it was in when Biggie lived there. Nor, since people want to actually live in Brooklyn now, is it described as being in Bed-Stuy. The three-bedroom is described as being in Clinton Hill, has been renovated in the last couple of years and comes with space that can be an office or a den. Hellloooo new Brokelyn headquarters. And hell, you even get a laundry room and bike storage. And all for the price of $725,000! Sigh. Goodbyeeee new Brokelyn headquarters. New York said that the broker handling the sale is aware of the listing’s significance, but didn’t include it in the listing so as not to affect the sale price. Yeah, good luck with that one now.

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