Coney Island/ Brighton Beach/ Sheepshead Bay

Brokelyn Bike Tour! Brighton Beach edition

Your Brighton beach bike tour is waiting. Photo by Flickr user cfourcalvin.

Holy crap you guys: the rain is stopping and the sun is going to come out this weekend. We’re not in London anymore and since it’s going to be sunny and 78 degrees, we should all stretch our legs and get our adventure on with a wondrous bike ride. Better yet — one with a full day of activities that will only cost you $20? Come take a magical virtual bike tour with us, surprise your date and discover some Brooklyn awesomeness with the first installment of our self-guided Brokelyn Bike Tour series: ping pong, pirozhkis and beach sunsets edition.

Destination: Brighton Beach
Supplies: Backpack, Water, $20
Total Distance Round Trip: 19.44 miles

We will be starting our first tour at Atlantic Terminal. It’s centrally located, so it seems only fair (sorry Bushwick, you will be biking more!). Check out how to get to each stop with this detailed, custom-made Brokelyn bike path. If you want the best route from your home, we recommend downloading Spokes NYC.

Nison's Brooklyn Table Tennis Club

Brooklyn Table Tennis Association
1100 Coney Island Ave. (between Avenue H and Foster, near mile marker 5 on the bike map)
Follow the yellow signs to this basement-level club started by Russian table tennis pro Nison Aronov. For $12 ($6/person) a table is all yours for an hour, or play two hours for $20. The real thrill is watching everyone else play: there are some serious Forrest Gump pros in there, who prove table tennis is a full on work out. We can’t… we can’t explain it. Nevertheless, the vibe is friendly and inclusive–even on their site.
Cost: $6/person 3-7pm, $7/person after 7pm

Taste of Russia: best pirozhkis ever.Via Flickr's misskoslow.

Taste of Russia
219 Brighton Beach Ave. (near mile 9.5 on the bike map)
This small market has a great selection of Russian goods, including some of the best pirozhkis we’ve ever had, and they’re only $3.99 each. Bonus, the people who work there are very nice, and if you don’t speak Russian, they will try their best to help you out. Once you have your food, take a stroll: the street is filled with a ton of random shops worth checking out. We mean, where else would you find an absurdly expesive egg with a saint painted on it, as the same place you would find a douchey dong joke t-shirt? After that, it’s on to the beach.
Cost: $3.99/person ($4.32 with tax)

Beachside in Brighton. Photo via Flickr user -anna-

Brighton Beach & Boardwalk (mile 10.5 on the map)
The Brighton Beach boardwalk is a nice contrast to Coney Island: It’s quieter, cleaner and has vendors selling $3 Coronas up and down the beach. With the $9 you have left, you can certainly buy three beers. After this, hang out, watch the sunset, and bike your Russian-inspired self home.
Cost: $3/beer

Total Cost: $19.32/person!

Where should we go next on the Brokelyn summer bike tour? Leave your suggestion in the comments and stay tuned for more tours throughout the summer!


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