Wednesday, Speakeasy at the Sackett

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Beth: comedienne, Brokelyn writer.

Who doesn’t need a real reason to spend Wednesday nights at a bar? This Wednesday, Feb. 17, our very own Beth Hoyt (of Connect Four tourney fame) is hosting a new event called Speakeasy, a free weekly story-telling series at the Sackett bar, one of our homes away from home (661 Sackett St. between Fourth and Fifth Aves.). Beth has a line-up of “funny and smart people,” including Jessie Cantrell, Ryan Paulson and others, who are going to get on stage and share their stories with you. It’s not really stand-up and not really improv—just awesome people telling tales.

You might even be inspired to share something yourself. I’m sure if you drink too much and want to share your “why I’m still single” theory, Beth will totally let you. The story-telling starts at 8, but show up early and challenge the bartender, Ann, to a round of Boggle—win and she’ll buy you a drink. More info here.

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