Hungry for food fame? ‘Top Chef’ casting in Brooklyn

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Can you impress Padma? And the other ones on the show?

Not every casting call around Brooklyn is a ridiculous, desperate attempt to chase the zeitgeist. If you’ve been impressing your friends by creating dishes they actually enjoy eating, and their praise has gone your head, we’ve got good news: Bravo’s Top Chef is holding an open casting call here in Brooklyn. Finally, your chance to be on reality TV in Brooklyn that doesn’t have the word “hipster” attached to it.

Of course, making it through the casting call won’t be easy. And we don’t even mean because it’s sure to bring out plenty of talented Brooklyn food folks. The application, due March 1, is 24 pages, and asks for information ranging from your signature dish to your most embarrassing moment to whether you’ve got a drunk driving conviction on your record. The producers also want a five minute video of you where they can get to know you, and includes you cooking and plating something.

Got all that? If you’re not afraid, head down to Talde (369 7th Avenue, Park Slope) on February 20 where producers will be holding an open call between 10am and 1pm. Will you see our own Kenji there? Our Magic 8-Ball says “unclear.”

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  1. Hahahahaha…no, with Dave as Colicchio and Faye as Padme I don’t think I could handle another version on top of that (Tim can be the Muppets, or whoever’s judging that week)

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