How not to act at a concert

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We’re not that blog that calls out random people for public lashing. Except today. Here is a photo of a Coney Island concertgoer who insisted upon blocking the view of dozens of people last night through most of Pat Benatar’s set, by alternately talking on her phone and texting with her back to the stage. She was politely asked to STFD or move off to the side and refused. Why? “Because I’m looking for my friends.” So you get to block the stage that you’re not paying attention to while all of these nice people, some of them clearly arthritic and possibly enjoying their last concert ever, have to look at you instead of Pat Benatar? These folks from the Bensonhurst Bridge Club who lugged their foldup chairs on the subway and showed up early to get a good spot? There’s a popular word for someone who behaves like this, which we’re too polite to use here. We’ll text it to you!


  1. fuck that girl. Also fuck that guy that, when the singer tells everyone to sit on the ground, and everyone sits down, he stands up and takes lots of pictures. And when you throw pennies and bottles he just gets all jerk-y and stands even taller.

  2. I was at that concert and was apalled at the sheer number of rude/self centerd/selfish bastards that did not give a fuck as to who was behind them.I saw a number of elderly people at the concert and although my first thought was”they like Pat Benater”?.I quickly realized that this was probably their first and LAST concert.Rude seems to be the way to go in NYC.I can’t fucking stand it anymore and i have yet to touch the topic of non-english speakers and the dirtbags that go to the beach and leave all their trash after they are done. NYC is being lost to people who DGAF! //////////Richie.

  3. I consider myself a thoughtful person, and generally go out of my to NOT interfere with others’ good times, etc…maybe even to a fault at times…but a rock show involves people standing up– (facing the stage, enjoying the music, dancing, etc…). I have run into this issue many times. I turn my phone off in restaurants, I am silent in movies, I never honk because a car took an extra moment at a green light, and I have never asked anyone to SIT at a rock show. Come on. And I like to sit sometimes! But that’s my choice–I would never expect anyone else to sit down on my behalf at a freaking CONCERT! Clearly the issue with this particular woman was related to her talking on the phone… my daughter went to this particular show…she told me people were rudely yelling at her to sit during one band, and those same people stood when the next came on. Really…

    • If the music moves you, then by all means, shake your groove thang. Then you’re part of the fun. But standing with your back to the stage while texting and phone calling just pisses people off—on top of blocking their view.

  4. It’s one thing to stand and face the stage and rock out. It’s another to just stand there and text all night. I’m all for the it’s a rock show so stand line of thought, but this person just sucks.

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