The keys to happiness: a free ‘party’ piano that you can literally fill with beer

This isn't your mother's grand piano.
This isn’t your mother’s grand piano. via Craigslist

Holiday party season is upon us. Between Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and all those Jewish ones, competition runs especially high for house parties this time of year. So if you’re planning on entertaining guests in your derelict Brooklyn abode this holiday season then you’d better be making it look classy as all fuck.

Don’t know where to look for that next-level party decor? Here’s a start: someone in Williamsburg is giving away a grand piano that’s been gutted and refinished to hold beer. 

According to the ad, posted to Craigslist, this grand piano has been emptied of its insides for “party use.” Party is right, since we count about 100 beers in that grand piano. It goes without saying that this neat and elegant alcohol container beats your punch bowls, your styrofoam coolers from CVS, your bathtub full of ice and your questionable BYOB donation tables combined.

There are obviously a lot of other things an empty piano can hold, and hey, maybe we challenge you to find out what they are. This Craigslister has been kind enough to show you one.

Pickup is in Williamsburg at 98 Bayard St., and you’ll need a large van or truck to move the thing since, even without the innards, it’s still a grand piano.


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