Houston, we have a party: celebrate all things outer space at the Silent Barn Friday

neil degrasse tyson
A whole musical about this guy? Sure, makes sense to us. via Facebook

Another Friday the 13th is coming up this week, but now it’s really the last one until November. That means it’s also the last valid excuse to throw a spooky, transcendental party! Luckily, the folks over at Silent Barn have got you covered: they’re having another 100% party, and this one’s outer space themed! Hosted at the Barn by resident company Title:Point and self-approved as a “logical follow-up” to their previous 100% parties (dinosaur and robot themed, respectively), this Friday’s affair is sure to really take off! Groan. 

Traditionalists, rest assured: the standard rules of a space-themed soirée will most certainly apply. Expect a planetary installation, astral cocktail specials like the “Rocket Fuel,” astrology readings and a costume competition! But there’s plenty for transcendentalists, too. Musician-slash-computer-programmer Tom Swirly will be spinning otherworldly beats. Astrophysicists will be giving lectures on dark matter and the mysteries of the galaxy. There’s going to be a green-screened photobooth with all kinds of extraterrestrial backdrops, so one day you can show the grandkids how you helped to colonize Mars. The Barn is even going to be hawking its homemade universe t-shirts!

But let’s say you don’t give a chinatown rat’s ass about space. Let’s say you’ve been going through severe Punderdome 3000 withdrawal, and you’re just looking for a way to enjoy your Friday night. This is the event for you, too!  Dame Jo Firestone will be in attendance at Friday’s event, hosting spacey party games to while away the light-years—er, hours. Plus, you can hear songs from a Neil deGrasse Tyson musical and get titillated by space erotica read by the sensual Pepper Laramie.

A mere $10 gets you in. The Silent Barn never fails to go above (to infinity) and beyond. And if their previous themed extravaganzas are any indication of how Friday’s gonna go, prepare to have your imagination tickled with the long, spindly fingers of Spielberg’s E.T. What’s that, now? Your imagination doesn’t want to be tickled by a geriatric alien? Well that’s just too damn bad, kid.

100% OUTER SPACE PARTY, Friday March 13, 8pm-midnight, The Silent Barn, 603 Bushwick Avenue, Bushwick, $10

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