HopStop looks to crowdsource subway delay frustrations

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So uh, what’s everyone waiting for? via Flickr user nycbone

So you’re waiting for your train. And waiting. And waiting. Finally, as the platform fills up with similarly impatient looking people, a crackled voice comes out from the platform speakers and informs you all that “Mfghgr train dealayked please patiencgfe.” And then finally someone deciphers it as “The 2 train is experiencing delays, please be patient.” It would be nice to know how delayed though, right? Now thanks to HopStop, some kind stranger may be able to tell you that.

You do remember HopStop, don’t you? It was how everyone got transit directions before GoogleMaps added them? Anyway, there’s a reason to go back to them now, because their new app, HopStop Live, uses crowdsourced information to let you know just how far off schedule your subway is. Unlike GoogleMap’s realtime subway info, this is ready for every subway line, and if something is going terribly awry on your line, you can report it so that HopStop can warn the next group of poor souls waiting for the train or about to walk to the train. It doesn’t look like you can editorialize about¬†why the train is delayed yet, so people will still be left wondering if it was just some asshole holding the doors open for 5 minutes or if someone had a seizure on the train, but this is a good start.

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