Holy sh*& you can get a $532/month 1-bedroom in Williamsburg

If you make $20,000 per year and got EXTREMELY lucky, you'd be home by now
If you make $20,000 per year and got EXTREMELY lucky, you’d be home by now.

Hey remember back when we were arguing over whether Williamsburg was still weird or if it was a cultural wasteland of glass and steel and failed Eastern European leaders? Haha, forget about all that because Williamsburg is cool again, or at least these three buildings offering dirt cheap apartments starting at $532/month are cool. And considering the price per square foot in Williamsburg is $802, you could even say this apartment is renting cheaper than dirt. Per DNAinfo, lotteries for places as low as $532 for a one-bedroom apartment right off the J or G, and the L (but that’s going to become less of a selling point once the Lpocalypse hits) are now open. 

There are three Williamsburg buildings full of affordable apartments for you to live in at 356 Bedford Ave., 37 Ten Eyck St. and 37 Maujer St., with lotteries open from now until April 29. If you’re on the lowest income band, between $20,490 and $27,640 per year, you can qualify for the 1-bedroom apartments going for $532/month (that rent is still about 30 percent of your income, just fyi).

On the next income band between $31,774 and $41,460 per year, you can qualify for $847/month 1-bedrooms, which is more money but still better than paying $700 for a place with roommates. One band up, between $38,186 and $51,780 per year, you can placement in a $1,025/month 2-bedroom and on the next band from $44,275 to $60,120 per year, you can qualify to get in on a $1,182/month 3-bedroom.

Each one of the 100 percent apartment buildings made of 100 percent “affordable” unites come with all sorts of fun amenities like elevators, outdoor areas and bike storage too. Not that there’s much more you need other than below-market rate rent. And if you want to improve your odds of getting an affordable place, don’t forget you can still apply for one of 300 cheap apartments in Fort Greene. And if you miss out on those, well you’re just one of the over 50,000 other people who will, so don’t feel too bad.

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