Hold on tight to summer with a free all-day ‘Wet Hot American Summer’ marathon at Videology

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Hey hey, my my, jorts will never die

Between cast members showing up at screenings of it, multiple public screenings happening with or without said cast members, a prequel show on Netflix and even a full immersion in a Bushwick lot, it seems like we’ve been living in the summer of Wet Hot American Summer. So of course Videology is capping it off the best way they could think of, with a free all-day marathon of Wet Hot American Summer.

Labor Day marks the traditional end of the summer (even if it does keep going), so on Monday, you might find yourself putting on your mourning jorts and crying about the season being gone until next year. Don’t waste the day crying! Not when you can put on your celebratory jorts and head over to Videology to revel in a marathon of the film that encompasses all of summer’s absurdity, longing, barbecue, short jorts and days that feel like montages.

From 2pm until they close, Videology is going to be turning their screening room over to showing Wet Hot American Summer. Best of all, it’s free, so you can just pop in and out, or you could sit yourself down and watch the movie for 12 straight hours. Maybe doing that will transport you in to Camp Firewood, which would be especially good, unless of course you also find yourself stuck in the body of one of the movie’s anonymous 12-year-olds instead of a cool adult who’s a teen.

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