Hold Satan’s hand and 10 other free ways to pass the time this week

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He looks friendly enough

1. Videology presents Satan Hold My Hand, a movie by a Brooklynite that makes the case that maybe Satan isn’t such a bad dude after all (Monday)

2. The Brooklyn Book Festival is here, and with it are all of the rad events turning our hive of nerdy urbanism into an even nerdier hive of nerdy urbanism (Monday – Friday)

3. See Goldfinger at Havemeyer Park, try not to keep thinking of Hank Scorpio (Tuesday)

4. Listen to some folks talk about how they wrote a book about Grand Central Terminal at the New York Transit Museum (Tuesday)

5. The Secret Science Club invites you to delve deep into the workings of your brain and learn how everything’s gone so terribly awry (Tuesday)

6. Brooklyn Philosophy celebrates one year of existence, and a one year of people thinking the standup comedy show is really a place to sit down and talk about Socrates (Tuesday)

7. Converse says, “Hey, come to Glasslands and enjoy a free show,” and who are you to turn your nose up at that? (Wednesday)

8. Hit up 706 Bar’s trivia night. Win and you could walk away with a $50 bar tab. By “walk away” we mean “Walk to the bar and demand drinks” (Wednesday)

9. Celebrate dead lefty journalist Alexander Cockburn, and maybe get inspired to overthrow your fat-fingered capitalist masters, if Bill de Blasio’s class warfare rhetoric hasn’t already done that (Thursday)

10. Remember Angelina Jolie’s direct-to-video roots with a screening of Gia. Also see her naked, kissing a girl (Friday)

11. Party Like It’s 1999 celebrates Boy Meets World and dances and (hopefully) ignores the modern remake of it because Jesus can we find some original ideas somewhere? (Friday)

Don’t see your sweet event in our listings? Add it to our rad events calendar. It’s free! And, like we said, rad

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