Hit up a Hootenanny and 12 other free ways to hang this week

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CasHank will show you how to have a real hootennany at Freddy’s. via Facebook

1. Have a jam session at Greenlight Books with master jam maker Laena McCarthy of Anarchy in a Jar (Monday)

2. Legion Bar has a magic sack full of jokes for you (Monday)

3. Sim Lipsyte drops by Book Court to read the best parts of The Fun Parts (Tuesday)

4. Find out what it’s like to have your identical twin’s life fall apart, at Powerhouse (Tuesday)

5. Verily, the brave knights of Bruklyn will pass their wise judgement on another crop of homebrewers at Ye Olde Unione Halle (Tuesday)

6. The Crappy Cinema Council shows clips from crappy moves about California, to remind us how terrible it really is (Tuesday)

7. Hey ladies in the place we’re callin’ out to ya: free massages and pedicures (Wednesday)

8. Get involved in a discussion about manhood and honor killings, walk away feeling better because you haven’t honor killed anyone (Wednesday)

9. A release party for a biography about Dennis Hopper can clue you in to how crazy he really was (Thursday)

10. Comix zine World War III has been raging for 33 years, and it brings its violence and mayhem to Silent Barn for its 44th issue (Thursday)

11. If you think you’ve been going out and having hootenannies, go to Freddy’s and check out how one really goes down (Thursday)

12. Check out an open mic that features poetry and prose instead of acoustic guitar jam (Friday)

13. You’ve proven you can sing, or sing entertainingly bad, at karaoke. Now prove if you can do the same with acting, at Movieoke (Friday)

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