Bay Ridge/ Bensonhurst

Famed ice cream shop chooses BYOB over burgers

Now with alcohol! via Facebook
Now with alcohol! via Facebook

So after learning that their neighborhood was facing a potential jogging stroller invasion, the people of Bay Ridge could probably use a pick-me-up. Some sweet news to salve the bitter taste. Fortunately for them, that news exists: Hinsch’s, the 86-year-old ice cream parlor that was slated to be replaced by a national burger chain, is back from the brink of death. And among some of the changes is a key one: you can bring booze with you now!

Hinsch’s co-owner Roger Desmond told the Brooklyn Daily that the deal for the burger place fell through, so he figured he’d give it another go to keep Hinsch’s alive and slinging ice cream. He’s doing it the old fashioned way, and trying to get more young people to show up and spend their money there. His plan seems to be to take a page out of Brooklyn Farmacy and Soda Fountain’s playbook, minus waiters who dress the part of 1920s soda jerks. The store will be open until 11, and when the sun goes down, the shades will too. The radios on the table will switch from oldies to jazz and the menu will feature meatloaf, chicken and waffles and a burger made with meat from Pat LaFrieda.

And most important of all, they’re moving to a BYOB format, so if you want a beer instead of a milkshake, you can pop in at a bodega and grab some to bring with you. The changes are supposed to start as early as next week, and we welcome the idea, any idea really, to save a place that serves delicious ice cream, and now chicken and waffles.

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