Hey Sandy: See Big Pete for free in Williamsburg tonight

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What’s weird is this photo was taken last week

For a certain age range that was fortunate enough to have cable, Pete and Pete is a kind of Rosetta Stone by which to understand them. Its three seasons took life in the suburbs and put it through a hallucinogenic filter so that it was completely normal a guy in a giant ice cream cone head sold ice cream, that every product was made by a company called Krebstar and a kid had his own personal superhero. In case you couldn’t tell, we’re fans. Which is why we’re very excited to share the news that Michael Maronna, who played Big Pete, will be appearing at a talk show at Legion tomorrow night.

“Late Night Basement” with Chris Rose sound similar to DUMBO’s “Running Late,” which if you’ll recall, snagged Alex Karpovsky from Girls for its first Brooklyn episode. It too is a talk show that exists outside of the world of television, which as people who don’t have a TV, we encourage more people to do. They also got a little buzz earlier this month with their video asking Williamsburg residents about the new Guy Fieri restaurant opening in their hood.

In addition to host Rose asking Maronna what he’s been up to since the Nickelodeon days, letting him know he was the best part of Slackers by far, and quizzing him as to why my friends keep reporting seeing him at shows around Brooklyn, they’ll also be some comedy from Leo Allan, Aparna Nancherla and Leo T. Berlin. All in all, sounds like a fun evening, provided Endless Mike doesn’t show up.

Late Night Basement with Chris Rose, 8pm – 9:30pm, Legion Bar, 790 Metropolitan Avenue, Williamsburg, FREE

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