Catch Ray from ‘Girls’ live in DUMBO tonight, at ‘Running Late’

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The late-night talk show isn’t dead. Via Memphis Flyer.

If you love late night comedy but are wondering why the hell Carson Daly is still famous, we’ve got a show for you! Scott Rogowski, the self-proclaimed “Hostess with the leastess” brings you “Running Late,” a comedy show in the style of late-night talk. His show next Thursday is going to be the first one to take place in Brooklyn and will feature a couple of pretty funny people from a couple of funny New York institutions: Rachel Dratch of SNL and Alex Karpovsky of Girls.

For real though, why sift through 30-90 minutes of sort-of relatable humor when you can grab the best parts live? Rachel Dratch has been hilarious for at least 15 years since she first hit SNL audiences over the head with that baby arm of hers, and Alex Karpovsky is, well, kind of becoming a big deal. You might even recognize him on the street at this point. Though, thanks to Girls, you also might just mistake him for someone you once slept with.

Also slated to be present are afro’d Brooklyn-native/comedy weirdo (in a good way) Reggie Watts and bowtie sports guy Ken Rosenthal. Grab a ticket here and then be prepared to learn the secrets of what it’s like to make out with David Mamet’s daughter.

Running Late, Galapagos Art Space, 16 Main Street, DUMBO, Thursday, January 31, 8pm, $12

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  1. Hopefully Alex Karpovsky can use the money he makes from these various gigs to fix his face. I’m sure he’s a nice person or whatever, but he is such a terribly ugly man. I almost didn’t want to believe he was so hideous but I saw him on the street and it was undeniable. I’m not saying everyone has to be good looking but he can’t be that ugly and then continue to be cast as a smug and self-righteous love interest; it’s just not believable!

  2. Season 3 of Girls (2014): Ray “fixes his face” and the crew tacitly agree that they can stand him more because now he’s obnoxious and hot, which makes more sense, because why would someone who’s not a dreamboat be anything other than grateful that people are talking to them? Hannah hires a personal trainer and slims down to what we all obviously agree is an acceptable body for shooting nude scenes; now that she’s hot she realizes her anger at Adam is finally justified (because, you know, now she doesn’t have to take that shit). Marnie moves into her new role as the show’s protagonist because she will always be more attractive and we’d all prefer to have “a hotter voice of our generation.”

    Cool, as soon as you guys, approve, I’ll get to the typewriter and bang these out.

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