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You too can be showered in kisses for your helpful tips

Take a look at the Team Brokelyn page. That’s a whole lot of intelligent, attractive people, huh? If you’d like to see yourself on that page, guess what? You can! Got tips on making your own prison wine? Rants on driver etiquette? Neighborhood food tours or guides to, ahem, alternative employment? Well we want’em. Perks include free breakfasts at our editorial meetings, finding yourself becoming an expert on ways to get around paying for outdoor concerts, holiday parties that don’t suck and the occasional NPR appearance. So if you want in, shoot an email to me or our tips box with some story ideas or an indication that you’re willing to get silly in exchange for internet fame.

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  1. Those perks sound nice, but are there any perks that one may use to directly pay the bills? Specifically, do you pay currency to writers?

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