Bed Stuy/ Bushwick

A 15-taco tour of Bushwick

Bushwick has a lot of freaking tacos. In my search for the ultimate, thought I’d find a few places, like maybe five, and then write up the best. But then it turned into seven, and then 10, and then every block I was stopping into another taco place. There were so many tacos eaten that my clothes stopped fitting. I figured I was pregnant. Which would have been a total bummer. But nope, it’s just that I ate so many damn tacos. Here, the highlights in my journey of 6,253 calories.

Tacos 1-3 (above): Taqueria El Fogon, 1050 Flushing Ave., (718) 497-7445

My roommate really likes this place. But she’s a vegetarian, so there’s that. I get why she would like the tacos here because they are all basically vegetarian. I ordered a carnitas taco and it was basically a taco covered in salad. Also, the carnitas was kinda meh, which seems like an impossibility. Apparently a lot of people like it, but based on the criteria of my mouth, they are wrong.


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  1. amberlina25

    The taco truck outside of the Morgan stop by far has some of the best tacos I’ve had in Brooklyn. They run about $2 a piece and if you play your cards right you might get them to give you a shot of tequila….

  2. emilyberninger

    Agreed (I think). The only problem is that the taco truck is around the corner from Pine Box, and Pine Box has pickle backs… therefore, while consumed, no review of the Morgan Stop taco truck was able to be formed.

      • La Cholulita is great. Technically it’s in Bed-Stuy bc it’s on the south side of B-way, but I think their tacos are some of the best. (And I noticed the tag on the article says Bed-Stuy/Bushwick). They have great cemitas as well. La Pasadita, the truck that hangs out outside of Mr. Kiwi’s at Myrtle/B-way is pretty good too. I like their al pastor tacos and quesadillas con papas y chorizo.

  3. versayce

    I haven’t eaten Mexican in Bushwick in awhile, but I remember enjoying the truck right outside of the Myrtle-Wyckoff stop on the L/M, just east of the elevated tracks on Wyckoff.

    Going to have to agree with the majority about Dos Hermanos. Not to be that asshole, but I think it was better when it was actually part of the factory, not sealed off like it is now. The “gringoization,” after the NY Times review/the DOH shutting them down kind of killed it.

  4. ajuacate

    gurl, you talk the taco talk
    walk the taco walk
    (even if it is a waddle)

    Looking forward to retracing (most of) your footsteps. What’s your
    absolute favorite Brooklyn Mexican food joint?

  5. Taco Boy

    I’ve tried most of those, and you are actually missing the very best in bushwick, and in my opinion, blows away the tacos in jackson heights or sunset park… It’s a taco truck (not a cart) at the corner of myrtle and wyckoff right off the jmz…. called “tacos la carcachita”

    My favorite are the chichurron and the pork enchilada tacos. how i miss this place since leaving the hood….

    they are open pretty late (5am or so) – however not on mondays.


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