Merry brokesmas! Scenes from the No Office Holiday Party

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Happy holidays from Team Ho-Ho-Hokelyn at the No Office Holiday Party.

If you didn’t wake up this morning praying that the Mayan apocalypse would save you from a jingling bell of a hangover, then you must not have been at last night’s No Office Holiday Party with us at Littlefield. But for those of you that were there, we have a special thank you present: the gorgeous, festive photos from the Bibi Booth are here! Sloppy wet reindeer kisses to all who jammed with us last night; the party is meant to give all of us –whether you’re freelance, an unemployed or *gasp* an office worker — a chance to kick back together before the holidays. A full list of thank yous follows, the first of which is our co-hosts the skint, Brooklyn Based and Fucked in Park Slope, who are all attractive party people.

Much thanks to Wyatt Cenac, host Michelle Wolf, the Cocoon Central Dance Team, DJ Steve Reynolds and the Kings of Karaoke for keeping the party moving all night long. And our sincere gratitude for Melanie Hearn and Eric Silver for fulfilling our sexy Santa and Santa-ess duties (even if we did learn Santa is actually from Bensonhurst).

Also, a shoutout to Oaxaca tacos for providing a booze cushion during the event, and, of course, big love to Sarah Bibi of Bibibooth for taking amazing pictures all night! You should hire her for your next event!

Only the classiest dames come to this party.
Only the classiest dames come to this party.

And one more big thank you to everyone who came, because without you the party would have been exceptionally less fun. Happy holidays to all!

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