Bed Stuy/ Bushwick

Hey Bed-Stuy, snag a free tree this weekend at Restoration Plaza

ticket oak
You can’t get a Ticket Oak, but that might be for the best…

It’s fall, but that’s no excuse for you to hole up indoors binge-watching old episodes of The Office with a sexually compatible person you barely tolerate (that’s what winter is for). Right now though, you should be out there enjoying nature, and you can do it by bringing nature to you by grabbing a free tree at Bed-Stuy’s Restoration Plaza (1360 Fulton Street) this weekend. This is a great way to branch out and meet your neighbors, even if you’re not sure whether you’re putting down roots or leaving in just a couple of years.

As with all the free tree giveaways that happen in this city, the one this weekend is part of the Million Trees NYC effort, which aims to get one million trees planted in the city between 2007 and 2017. You wouldn’t want New York City to fail at something, would you? Of course not, so, register today for a free tree that you can pick up on Saturday October 4 at Restoration Plaza, between 11am and noon. Hurry up and register, because all the North Star Cherry trees are already spoken for. There are still plenty of Santa Rosa Plum, Redhaven Peach and Bartlett Pear trees though.

You can plant your new tree in your yard if you’re fancy and have one of those, but if you don’t, you can also plant it in a community garden, a community center yard, a schoolyard, even commercial property if your bar has a backyard that could use a tree. And if you have a bar with a backyard, it could definitely use a tree.

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