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Here’s the video Superchunk shot at Shea Stadium

Hey, remember when we told you about Superchunk shooting a video at Shea Stadium? And you decided not to go because you didn’t want to be part of some shitshow? Well not only did you miss being part of a cool video that makes Shea Stadium look way nicer and brighter than we’ve ever seen it, you also missed the Jons, H. Benjamin and Glaser, in the same place, being Jon buddies. Also you missed a bunch of Brooklyn band cameos, like Becca Kauffman from Ava Luna singing on stage in place of Superchunk themselves. Our only complaint is that the video didn’t give the proper tribute to Shea Stadium’s enormous Mets logo mural, but that just means you’ll have to go there and see it yourself. Man, it’s gonna be such a bummer when this place gets turned into the headquarters for the Brooklyn Republican Party in a few years.

superchunk shea stadium
Jon selfie (Jelfie?)!

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