Here’s your chance to give the MTA a piece of your mind about 2015’s fare hikes

mta fare hikes
Artist’s rendition of how the meeting will probably go

Like it or not (most likely “not”), 2015 is coming with another fare hike courtesy of the MTA. At 4%, we suppose the pice hike could be worse, since it can always be worse, but you still might not be happy about it. If you’re not, you’ve got a chance to tell representatives from the MTA that you don’t, and they have to sit there and listen to you, because a public meeting on the fare hikes is coming to Brooklyn tomorrow. Practice shaking your fist at authority figures now, so that you have it just right at the hearing.

Despite the fact that they’re probably just gonna go ahead and raise the price of a monthly MetroCard to a $116.50 no matter what you say, the MTA is still asking for public input on the proposed fare hike for next year. The meeting will go down at the Walt Whitman Theater at Brooklyn College (2900 Campus Road) starting at 6pm. If you want to register to speak (three minutes max), registration opens at 5pm and goes until 9pm, but we imagine it’s better to sign up early.

Beyond getting your name in the public record forever, tomorrow’s hearing at Brooklyn College is a chance to take a side in the question of how to handle single rides. Either the base fare goes up to $2.75 and the bonus on your card goes up to 11%, or the base fare stays at $.250 and the bonus is eliminated. Surely you can work up some blood-boiling anger about one side or the other of that equation, in between yelling at the MTA officials about the fare hike in general.

[h/t Ditmas Park Corner]

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