Help get girls on bikes and win yourself fabulous prizes

They bike. Do you? Via Facebook.

Riding a bike in the city can be a dangerous and frustrating proposition, so it’s good when you have a support system. If that support system can also throw great bike-themed parties and give away kick-ass prizes, then all the better. To that end, WE Bike NYC, a riding group looking to get more women on bikes (and as far away from this dude as possible), is throwing a fundraiser party tomorrow (October 10) with the aforementioned kick-ass prizes, at the Grand Victory in Williamsburg.

The money raised from the party will go towards making WE Bike’s 2013 program of events — such as social rides and skill workshops — free, and towards an effort to make the group a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Aside from bonhomie with fellow cyclists, there will be a presentation of a 30-minute video of cobbled-together footage of women on bikes, and performances by all-female punk band band Clinical Trials and bike-dancers Heels on Wheelz. You won’t need to worry about locking your bike up either, as Transportation Alternatives will be providing bike valet services.

But enough about that, what about the awesome prizes? WE Bike lined up an impressive list of bike-related vendors all over the city, and their raffle prizes reflect that. Among the more envy-inducing things you can walk away with are a vintage bike courtesy of Recycle-A-Bicycle, a Super Commuter Kit courtesy of Affinity, One, Two, Three Speed and Chrome Bags; containing everything you’d need for on-the-go bike repair stuffed into a Chrome messenger bag, and a New Rider Starter Pack courtesy of Bicycle Roots.

Some of the fabulous prizes. Via Facebook.

If all of that sounds up your alley, and it should if you ride a bike, pedal your way over tomorrow. Just be sure to wear a helmet.

WE Bike End-of-Season Fundraiser, 7PM at the Grand Victory. $8

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