Tonight: Party to support Brokelyn’s broken buddy

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Cover art by Angela Gelso.

Loyal Brokelyn readers have surely loved some of the in-depth brokevestigative journalism from David Colon, who has filled you in on alll the free bar food in Brooklyn, what to do when you can’t afford a ticket to an outdoor concert and just how little Brokelyn cred Jay-Z has left. He was hard at work researching another banging post last week when BAM! Dave became the latest biking Brooklynite run down by a careless car. He spent a few days in the hospital (health insurance FTW) and is laid up in a wheelchair at his parents’ for a long while. I know! It sux. What can you do to make him feel better? Well you could come to this tonight: Dave is making a special return for the release party issue five of his self-published short-fiction zine, Stretch. The party is at unofficial Brokelyn HQ The Flying Saucer Cafe, which will is offering a $5 sangria special. After the readings, DJ Birddog will spin an eclectic mix of 50s and 60s soul, rock and other groove-heavy jams. Come by and find out what it’s like to dance with a slightly drunk man in a wheelchair. From everyone at Team Brokelyn, we wish a hearty happy healing to Dave!

Stretch Vol. 5 release party: The Flying Saucer Cafe, 494 Atlantic Ave., Boerum Hill. 8pm. FREE!

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