Heads up sugar addicts: tomorrow is Free Slurpee Day

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Uhhh…wut? via Instagram user enchanted_88

Sugar! We love it in America, in all of its forms. Especially in the summer, we take any way we can, be it in the form of ice cream, doughnuts and especially the mighty Slurpee. The only think we like more than sugar is free sugar, and hey, check it out: tomorrow is Free Slurpee Day, and this year’s free Slurpees are bigger than usual.

Because tomorrow is 7/11 (GET IT? GET IT?), the chain that can’t be stopped is giving away small Slurpees between the hours of 11am and 7pm. And instead of the usual 7.11 oz cup, “small” has been bumped up to 12 oz., because it’s not like America has a diabetes crisis or anything.

As far as Brooklyn goes, you’ve got three 7-Elevens to choose from: one in Greenpoint (883-885 Manhattan Avenue), one in Downtown (395 Flatbush Avenue Ext) and one in Bed-Stuy (1381 Atlantic Avenue). Of course, if you’re not working, why not hop on a bike and just get one from each store? There are worse ideas.

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